Tech campaigns comprise of SMS and Email blasts that are sent on behalf of the business to the customers who are being advertised to. This is a great tool that Au (Gold) Productions provides.


The data team at Au (Gold) Productions, identifies mobile phone numbers of customers from the database and sends out text messages to them two days before landing dates of the flyers. A unique landing page is created for these customers so that they can RSVP if they are interested. The lead/appointment created by this SMS blast will be forwarded to the primary contact at the business to make that follow up call. SMS-blasts are usually sent from 393-939 number.


An email blast works just like the SMS blast. Instead of text messages, the customers receive an email with a landing page link to RSVP along with a copy of the invite.


The landing page that is created for each instance, will contain brief information about the promotions and offers, date, address, inventory link and a space for customers to enter their information. The content of the landing page layout can be modified as per the business specifications.